MyCatholicTube.COM is the top destination of Catholic YouTube videos and during 2018 our viewers visited these videos and channels more often than all the others.

2018 Top Catholic YouTube Videos
  1. Sensus Fidelium – Channel – Audio Recordings of Homilies and Talks.
  2. Father John Corapi – Channel – Past Video and Audio Recordings of Homilies and Talks by Father John Corapi.
  3. EWTN Mother Angelica – Playlist – Past Video Recordings of Talks by Mother Angelica on EWTN.
  4. The Journey Home Classics – Playlist – Video Recordings of Conversion Stories, hosted by Marcus Grodi on EWTN.
  5. National Catholic Broadcasting Council Daily Mass – Channel – The Daily Mass, from Loretto Abbey in Toronto, brought to you by the National Catholic Broadcasting Council with the kind cooperation of the Sisters of Loretto, the Loretto Abbey Secondary School, and the TCDSB
  6. Heart of the Nation – Channel – Heart of the Nation produces a weekly Catholic Mass nationwide available on TV, radio, and online, providing compassionate spiritual care for Catholics unable to participate in Holy Mass at a parish.
  7. Ascension Presents – Channel – Ascension Presents is an evangelistic platform bringing faith-filled, entertaining and dynamic presenters straight to your newsfeed. By providing engaging content for our audience that reflects the good, the true and the beautiful we hope to bring their hearts closer to Christ. 
  8. Virgin Mary’s Apparition’s to Emma de Guzman – Playlist – Recordings of apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Emma de Guzman.
  9. Brian Holdsworth – Channel – A creative professional and struggling thinker making videos on topics that he finds interesting.
  10. Chaplet of Divine Mercy Prayer, by Donna Cori Gibson

Top Catholic Video News Channel of 2018

Top Catholic Vlog Channels of 2018

  1. A Catholic Mom’s Life – Channel
  2. Ali-Marie Ingram – Channel
  3. Father Rob Galea – Channel