Hiya! My name is Brando Dano. My home city is Toronto. I love drawing, science and philosophy, environmentalism and spirituality. And of course, making videos on what I love!

I’m converting to Catholicism and share what I’ve learnt and love about the culture respectfully. We’re the first church of Christianity; and carry the fullness of the Christian Faith for this reason. Every culture offers something for the world; so even if you’re not a Christian, I hope there still is something you can take out of my content. My content also circles around my mental health, in hopes to inspire others to know that You’re never alone. And if you can’t believe in Yourself, then Believe in God. If you feel down and can’t lift yourself up, trust in a higher power and that’ll lift you up. I understand my message isn’t for everyone; but I know there’s at least someone who needs to hear that message and that’s what matters 😀

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