One definition of conundrum describes it as a confusing problem, question or puzzle. Wow! Might this not be the perfect word to use when we consider how to raise a Catholic family in today’s world? We thought so. And although our path to holiness is an incredible roller coaster ride filled with hills, valleys and the occasional death-defying loop-de-loop, we could all use others to jump in alongside to share the ride. After all, God made us a community of love. He has given us each other to manifest His love to the world, and He is with us every step of the way.

In this spirit, it is our hope that you will allow us to share in YOUR journey. Join us as we support and encourage Catholic families in their efforts to fulfill their vocations and someday bask in the glory of the Beatific Vision. With God’s grace, together we can be His witnesses in a world that challenges even the greatest future saints!