Kate & Mike – Catholic Crusade Mission Statement

We are Catholics who are on a mission to “plant” the seed of faith in the faithless and to wake-up “sleeping” souls who have abandoned the teachings of the Church or have become like lost sheep in this confused, secular world. Through our talents, sense of humor, eccentric imaginations, and thirst for creativity, we strive to present the Catholic faith in a humorous, yet respectful, way that upholds the teachings of the Catholic Church. This mission is our response to the call of Our Lord Jesus Christ to “Go into the world and proclaim the gospel” (Mark 16:15). Our goal is to inspire souls to seek Jesus, to know and feel His great love, compassion, and mercy for them, and to lead them on road to eternal life as understood by the Holy Catholic Church. Therefore, our motto speaks loud and clear: “Kate & Mike – Catholic Crusade: On a Mission to Save the Souls of the World”.