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  • This is The Catholic Five Talk Show, featuring Katrina R Fernandez (of The Crescat at Patheos Catholic Channel), David L. Gray (of DavidLGray.INFO), Joe Heschmeyer (Seminarian and Writer at Shameless Popery), Brantly Callaway Millegan (Founder and Editor of Church POP), and Kevin M. Tierney (Associate Editor of Catholic Lane). Special guest today: Stacy Trasancos, PhD, Catholic Author, Education and Editor-in-Chief of Catholic Stand.

    Planned Parenthood & Congressional Action/Inaction, Donald Trump & Predestination, The Boy Scouts & Gay Teacher Firings, and Pope Francis Drop in Favorability Among Conservatives.

    1. Joe Heschmeyer builds upon conversation from Episode One to talk about the insect with faith and politics. It’s good that we step back for a moment and realign ourselves with the expectations of our faith as we head into the next election cycle in 2016.
    2. Kevin Tierney gives a basic primer on Catholic traditionalism; what it offers that the average Catholic can use. He makes an emphasis on the role of the liturgy as central to all aspects of the faith (Byzantines and Trads get this, most Western Catholics do not). 

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