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Former Protestants Jim and Julie Nicholson on ‘My Catholic Conversion’

Jim and Julie nicholson

Julie Nicholson (of the Blog ‘In His Time God Makes All Things Beautiful’ – http://jewelsinark.blogspot.com/) and her husband Jim were lifelong Protestants. When I say they were ‘lifelong Protestants’ I mean that they at one point in time had tried almost every Protestant denomination at least once. Then that journey of futility finally ended when they discovered the Catholic Church. Listen to their testimony in this episode of ‘My Catholic Conversion’, and find out how they stumbled onto the only Church that Christ Jesus Established through His Apostles.

Former Lutheran George Sipe on ‘My Catholic Conversion’

George Sipe (of ConvertJournal.COM – http://www.convertjournal.com/) was a lifelong Lutheran, and he was happy, content, and comfortable being a Lutheran until a number of policy and doctrinal changes in his ELCA Synod made him uncomfortable. He knew he could no longer remain Lutheran, or at least in that Lutheran Synod, and it was in his search for a new Church that began to ask himself those questions that lead people home to the Catholic Church.

Former Jehovah Witness Carey Dabney on ‘My Catholic Conversion’ (mCT)

My Catholic Conversion – Playlist

Carey was raised in a strict Jehovah Witness (Watch Tower Society) home and was discouraged from questioning what he saw was contradictions in his family’s faith. He resolved at 18 to leave home and discover the truth for himself, which he eventually did in the Catholic Church. Listen to one man’s journey through intellect and reason to the only Church that Christ Jesus Himself established through His Apostles.

More than just a conversion story, in this interview Cary enlightens about what the Watch Tower Society teaches, how it traps people like a cult, and how Catholics can witness current and former Jehovah Witnesses.